Event Attendance Policy


CFA “public events” are open to attendees without restriction.

CFA “educational events” are open to all CFA members and non-member franchisors and their franchisees. Non-member suppliers that are not franchisors and which are otherwise eligible to become members of CFA are permitted to send representatives to attend up to one educational event in a four year period (starting from the date of the first event attended). Non-member supplier companies that are otherwise not eligible to become CFA members are not eligible to attend CFA educational events.

Definition of “public event” – a public event is one that targets prospective franchisees and admission therefore is open to the general public, e.g. The FranchiseCanada Show. (Exhibitors must be CFA members.)

Definition of “educational event” – a live event that is primarily geared to franchise systems to help them develop best practices in franchising, understand trends in franchising, and provide updates about the environment and marketplace in which they do business, e.g. the National Convention, Law Day, How To Franchise Your Business, etc. Webinars are not considered to be “live” events and have no networking opportunities; therefore, they are not included in this definition for the purpose of this policy.

Effective: June 18, 2013